Since 1997, Shivshakti Engineering is a leading Combustion Equipment manufacturer from India. We have been providing expert product-knowledge and an unparalleled dedication to meet all of your application needs.

We aim to provide more efficient products to reduce the environmental impact today we all are facing. Shivshakti's Engineers are always researching to develop better technologies and new  products with lower harmful emissions. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you. 


Environmental friendly  Combustion Solutions


Innovative Technology

Shivshakti R & D team develops new technologies with key importance to provide more reliable and quality products. To combat challenges of markets, we provide  more demanding and eco-friendly offerings. Shivshakti has also improved and developed the best cutting-edge technology to use on its products.



At Shivshakti, our attention to quality is not limited to finished products, we also involve all the departments: quality design, selection of quality raw materials and suppliers, quality staff training and sales and after-sales services. We work every day to improve our products and the services we offer.

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Make in India

Make in India has always meant passion, technique, design and quality. Shivshakti has been able to apply the originality of the indian style to its residential and industrial solutions. Our products are developed, designed and manufactured in Italy always combining design and quality, reliability and high performance.


1. Combustion Solutions

2. Burner Technology

3. Energy Savings

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We help you to  identify right Equipment for your process

There is a significant variation of complexity in process configurations and operational principles. Our experienced Engineers can evaluate your requirement based on accepted industry factors to establish proper functionality, reliability of equipment ensuring proper production results.

Product Showcase

Hot Gas Generator

Industrial Flare


Rotary Drum Dryer


Laddle Preheater


Tunnel Kiln


High Velocity Burner

Kiln Burner


Industrial Fan